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Battling the Post-Marathon Blues

Marathons offer an incredible experience. There’s the euphoric sensation of crossing that 26.2-mile finish line. Along with the shiny medal celebrating your accomplishment, however, come the less glamorous rewards: sore legs, blisters, and perhaps even a missing toenail. That’s not all – you might also encounter the post-marathon blues. No, you are not just being dramatic. It’s common to …

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London Marathon race bag essentials

Get your running shoes ready because London Marathon week is here! In just a few days, the streets of London will be alive with excitement as thousands of eager participants gear up for the iconic 26.2-mile journey through this magnificent city. The countdown is on, anticipation is building, and the enormity of the challenge ahead …

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Top tips for Marathon recovery

Running a marathon is a massive achievement. It requires immense endurance, mental determination, and sheer willpower. Whether you finished with your target time or encountered unexpected challenges, every step brought you closer to becoming an official marathoner! Wear that finisher medal with pride and embrace the highs and lows of the race experience, knowing that …