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The best running gear on Amazon

Prime Day is coming (16-17 July 2024), so I’ve found the best running gear on Amazon and popped them all in one place for your convenience. While I wouldn’t recommend buying running shoes off Amazon unless you’ve worn them before, as it’s best to visit a running store to find the right fit, there are still …

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Help! I got a London Marathon ballot place!

It’s been a few months since the London Marathon 2025 ballot closed, and yesterday, the highly anticipated outcome landed in our email inboxes. I had the annual ‘not this time’ all the while scrolling through Instagram to congratulate the fortunate ones who secured a spot. What are the odds this time around? Well, this year, …

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Running Girl’s Guide to Self-Care

Running can be incredibly rewarding, but it also puts significant stress on our bodies. Us running girlies can get caught up in the excitement of exploring new routes and achieving more miles. Our muscles and joints work overtime to keep us moving forward. All the more reason to prioritise self-care and pamper ourselves.  So, what does self-care look like …