When it comes to fuelling, Maurten is leading the pack, and now, two exciting new products have hit the shelves!

Meet your ultimate fueling companion: the Maurten Gelflask!

No more fiddling with gel wrappers mid-run – the Gelflask keeps you fuelled and focused from start to finish.

With a generous 150ml capacity, this flask holds 200 grams of Gel, allowing you to preload either 3x Gel 160 or 5x Gel 100 before your run, ensuring you have precisely what you need when you need it. Say goodbye to half-empty gel sachets bouncing around in your belt – enjoy customizable fueling options tailored to your requirements.

Featuring an enlarged valve and a convenient flip-top, the Gelflask enables hassle-free refuelling during intense moments. And filling it up? A breeze, thanks to its wide aperture neck – no spills, no fuss.

Designed for consumption on the go, it’s compact, portable, and fits snugly in your running pack hand. Plus, it’s tailor-made for hydrogel, ensuring optimal performance precisely when you need it.

And don’t forget to stay hydrated with the Drinkflask!

Crafted with runners in mind, this essential hydration companion boasts a generous 550ml volume to keep you at your peak performance.

Equipped with Hydrogel mode, effortlessly dissolve a Drink Mix into it, delivering the perfect blend of hydration and electrolytes right when you need it most! Its bite valve guarantees a smooth, clean flow, making rehydration a breeze even during intense activity.

Both flasks compress as you drink, making them easy to carry.

Long-distance running demands meticulous planning and efficient fueling strategies, and Maurten simplifies this, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters: achieving your goals and surpassing your limits.

Find out more here: The Gelflask and the DrinkFlask