Trainers3The lighter mornings are finally here (I refrained from using the word SUMMER) and that has one benefit – morning runs.  Now, I’m not talking ten miles before work – I’m not THAT crazy. I have a busy schedule so the longest I manage mid week is around 5 miles – but I’ll be honest, on a morning, it’s no more than 2-3 miles. Everyone has their own preference – but here are my pro’s and cons to both:

Dragging yourself out of bed at stupid o’clock may not be everybody’s idea of fun but in my mind, it’s better to exercise before my brain realises what I’m doing! Heading out before work sets me up for the rest of the day and frees up my evening so it feels like I’ve gained a couple of extra hours.
The upside: If I’m too tired after work I can put my feet up and watch Corrie – my run is done.
The downside: It’s an early start.

Putting on your trainers after a long day at work can be a great way to unwind. In summer months it can be too warm early evening so I tend to leave it until around 9 pm when the temperature has dropped. Make sure to allow enough time for my evening meal to digest.
The upside: Most running groups are in an evening – so great time to make new friends.
The downside: Leaving it too late in the day I can talk myself out of it.

What are your preferences? leave them in the comments below,