Shortly after crossing the finish line of my first marathon I uttered the words ‘never again’. Yet, my race number for marathon number SEVEN has just been delivered. Im not sure how it happened.

Non-running friends have told me I’m obsessed – I’m not. I’ve just worked out I can eat more cake when I’m training. I also have OCD, so I’m at my happiest with a routine and following a schedule fits in well with that!

With 14 weeks of training under may belt the hard work has been done – it’s time to taper.

How has it gone?
The training has gone OK considering we have had ALL of the weather. My last training run of 20 miles became a 5 miler due to snow and bad weather but I’m remaining positive.

My marathon PB still stands as a last minute entry, with only 12 weeks to train and a longest run of 15 miles and 3 weeks of complete rest due to a niggley knee (weak quads) and sinusitis.

I decided to push myself and follow an advanced training plan this time. I was beginning to think I had taken on too much but I achieved a really good time in a ten mile race so it gave me confidence in my training.

It has also made a huge difference having friends to train with this time – big shout out to Angela and Kate, we’ve certainly clocked up some miles between us! ❤️

Any injuries?
Achy legs, the odd niggle but nothing major. ‘Maranoia’ is setting in now so need to try not to get sick. If anyone starts coughing or sneezing near me I won’t be very happy.

Goal Time
I’d love somewhere close in the region of 4.20 or dare I say 4.15? but I’ve not set myself a goal. Things can change on race day see last years race review here. I’m fairly relaxed about the whole thing and not putting any pressure on myself. It is what it is, I’m just going to go and enjoy it.

Post run feast
It’s actually my birthday on race day. So i’m hoping there will be cake!

Post run treat
I’m heading to Cowshed for a full body massage – the aptly named ‘Knackered Cow’ – which, let’s face it, will be me after 26.2 miles!

Anyone else training for Manchester or London? How are you feeling?