You’ve done your training, felt incredibly lazy during the taper and now it’s here.
Race day is tomorrow!  You are feeling a mix of nerves and excitement.
Here is what I do the evening before a half / full marathon.


Eat plenty of Carbohydrates
You should increase your carb intake in the days leading up to your race.
You should aim for the same amount of food that you would normally eat, but with a higher percentage of carbs. Don’t just stuff yourself at dinner the night before or you will feel uncomfortable.

Stay hydrated
Make sure you are drinking plenty of water in the 48hrs leading up to the race – don’t go overboard on sports drinks

Go for a short run or a walk
Don’t do too much – but if you feel like you need to stretch your legs then do. 2 or 3 miles max, keep it slow.

Cut your toenails
Trust me with this one. You don’t want bleeding feet!

Get your race kit ready
As well as your clothing essential items include:
• Race number and safety pins
• Timing Chip (If it’s separate to your number)
• GPS watch
• Gels / water / jelly babies
• Vaseline or any kind of chaffing gel
• Sunscreen
• Plasters

Get an early night
Tty and go to bed an hour earlier for the two nights before your race.

Plan your journey
Make sure you know how to get there. Look for road closures, where you can park etc. Race villages are usually well signposted but it is also worth checking how to get to the start line too.


Try anything new
Use your long training runs to work out which foods are right for you. Stick with those.
If you are eating out the evening before – plan ahead and look at menus before hand.
Same applies during the with race fuel – stick to the fuel you have used in training. If the race supplies gels that are different to the ones you have used – take your own.

Drink Alcohol
Boozing dehydrates you and interferes with your sleep. Save the celebrations for after.

Over do it
Save your energy for the day. Take it easy, you’re trained and ready. Go out there and smash it.