Ok, so one of the reasons I got into running was a whole new opportunity for shopping. I’d never stepped foot into the sportswear sections of shops before, so needless to say I decided on my first pair of trainers purely because they were pink!
As luck had it I’d picked an OK pair – they were a neutral Nike Icarus (similar to a Pegasus). Nike is a brand I’ve stayed loyal to as I haven’t had any problems with them.
If you are going to splash the cash on one area of your sports kit – trainers are the splurge item. They are the most important part of your running wardrobe. Get the wrong pair / incorrect size and you could be opening yourself up to a whole load of problems.
When buying my first pair of shoes I knew nothing about running styles, gait, over or under pronating or trainer sizing. Both Up and Running and Sweatshop offer specialist trainer fitting and full analysis of your running style to ensure they advise on the best shoes for you – and what’s even better is you can wear them for a month and if you aren’t happy you can return them and exchange them for another pair.
Top tips:
If in doubt buy a neutral shoe – that way you can add inner soles to correct over / under pronating.
If you are planning on running longer distances – size up
Different styles vary in size, some run small, some run big, always try on with the pair of running socks you usually wear.