I’m sure everyone has seen the viral trend by now. The one where people create a list of what is IN and OUT for 2024.

As we start a brand new year, it’s the perfect time to revamp our routines and add a dash of adventure to our lives. If you’ve been pondering ways to stay active, boost your mood, and maybe make a few new friends, look no further. I am here to tell you why running should be at the top of your ‘in’ list for 2024.

Sweat makes you sparkle

Goodbye, gloomy gym walls! One of the best things about running is that you can do it practically anywhere. Swap the treadmill for the great outdoors and explore the great outdoors while you clock up those miles. The fresh air and changing scenery will keep you motivated and energised.

It’s a great way to be social

Who says working out can’t be a social event? Grab your besties or make new friends by joining local running groups or clubs. Running becomes so much more enjoyable when you have someone to chat with, share the struggle, and celebrate those finish-line victories. It’s like a moving girl gang—sweat and smiles guaranteed!

It’s a De-Stress

Life can be a rollercoaster, and we all need a way to unwind. Running is not just a physical workout; it’s a mental one too. The rhythmic pounding on the pavement can be therapeutic, helping to clear your mind and reduce stress. So, lace up those shoes, hit the pavement, and clear your mind!

You can set yourself goals

Setting and achieving running goals is totally addictive! Whether it’s running your first 5K, conquering a challenging trail, or just beating your personal best, each achievement brings a sense of accomplishment that will have you hooked on the runner’s high.

A little wardrobe makeover

Who doesn’t love an excuse to revamp their wardrobe? Running gear has come a long way from plain, boring outfits. Treat yourself to some cute and comfortable activewear that will make you look forward to hitting the pavement. Trust us; you’ll be turning heads even while breaking a sweat!

The Party is your Playlist

Create a killer playlist and the miles will fly by. From empowering anthems to your favourite guilty pleasures, the right tunes will keep you moving!

So, there you have it, ladies! Running is not just a workout; it’s a lifestyle upgrade – and it definitely belongs on your IN list for 2024!