The weather has been pretty nasty this week, on several occasions I’ve glided into work like I was auditioning for Dancing on Ice (more like Bambi on ice).
The icy conditions couldn’t have come at a worse time as my marathon plan officially started this week. So, in the interest of safety, running has been replaced by early morning spin classes and dare I say it…. the treadmill.

I have a love-hate relationship with treadmills (or dreadmills, as they are more commonly known), Personally, I’m an outdoor runner, yet, I have friends who prefer running indoors. There are pros and cons to both.

This week, however, I’ve really been grateful for them. Here’s why:

You don’t need to worry about the weather
The main reason this week. You can still get a run in, regardless of the conditions or temperature outside. Granted it’s not been as far as I’d have liked, but it all counts, right?

It’s just as effective
I’ve been researching this, as long as you add a 1% incline it is just as effective as running outdoors.

It’s easier on your joints
The treadmill belt is cushioned and smooth so can help reduce a little of the impact on the joints – this is especially helpful when coming back from an injury.

There are different settings – use them
The more advanced treadmills allow you to create a course that simulates different types of trails or terrains so you can mix up your run.

Intervals are a breeze
The timer and speed buttons are right in front of you, glowing – there is no excuse.

You can run in peace
There is no risk of being catcalled by passing cars or seeing someone you know walking their dog who wants to stop and chat.

There are a few downsides:
It’s harder to vary your pace
I don’t run at a consistent pace, sometimes I feel the treadmill is going too fast or too slow which means I have to keep adjusting the speed buttons.

You don’t work as many muscles
The treadmill belt does some of the work for you, your hamstrings and glutes aren’t working as well as they would be when running outside. Running outside is also better for coordination and balance.

It’s boring
I feel like a hamster that’s stuck on a wheel – because I don’t actually go anywhere.
When running outside, time seems to go faster because I’m covering more ground. Whereas on a treadmill, I’m staring at the gym wall for 30 minutes. They really need to refresh that paintwork…

Do you love or hate treadmills? Leave your comments below ❤️