It’s that time of year again, October, one of those special months on the calendar. Pumpkin spice lattes have returned at your favourite coffee shop, your favourite TV shows are back on air (yes, even Strictly, and who would have thought you’d root for Joe Sugg?), and the results for the London Marathon ballot have finally been revealed.

It’s been since months since the ballot closed, and this week, the highly anticipated outcomes have landed in our mailboxes or email inboxes.

Waiting for the verdict feels a lot like those nerve-wracking moments awaiting the X Factor judges’ decision. Here I am, half-expecting the annual “it’s a no from me” email, all the while scrolling through Instagram to congratulate the fortunate ones who secured a spot.

What are the odds this time around?

Well, this year, an astounding 414,168 individuals threw their names into the hat, all vying for one of approximately 17,500 ballot spots. So, by my calculations, that equates to a 1 in 24 shot at making it. I reckon if I persistently apply, I might just have a shot at participating before I hit the big 6-0.

For some, rejection will come as a massive sigh of relief. But for me, it’ll be a genuine disappointment to miss out, especially since this year’s Charity of the Year is the Dementia Revolution, a cause I hold close to my heart.

For those who are fortunate enough to secure a ballot spot, hearty congratulations! And for those who don’t, remember that the London Marathon website has a list of charities with available spaces for the event. These charities typically require a minimum sponsorship commitment of around £2000, and some even offer another ballot opportunity for you to try your luck.

If you can’t commit to that level of fundraising, remember there are other spring marathons to consider. Manchester and Brighton host events in April, while Edinburgh and Liverpool have marathons in May. Regardless of location, a marathon remains the same distance, and your dedication can shine anywhere.

Best of luck in the ballot, and if you’re fortunate enough to secure a spot, please take part and savor every moment. Those coveted places are hard to come by, so make the most of your opportunity!