Solo runs are great but it can sometimes get a little lonely out there on your own week in week out. If your friends aren’t the active types it can be hard to find someone willing to run with you – that’s where running clubs come in!

Some people find the idea of joining a running club a little intimidating.
‘What if everybody is faster than me?’
‘What if they run further than me?’
‘I’d love to but I daren’t go on my own.’
‘The meet-up place isn’t convenient for me’
Come on, is this a valid excuse, or are you just trying to find a reason not to go!

Having set up two running clubs I can tell you they are are not scary places, everyone is very welcoming and supportive.  Plus, there are few benefits to running with a group.

After a long day at work, it’s easy to talk yourself out of an evening run. Making a regular commitment to meet others for a run makes it easier to stay motivated, especially when the weather is bad. It’s a little bit easier knowing you have company when it’s not very nice outside. Running with another person or in a group is great on dark nights. See here for more tips on staying safe in the dark.

Vary your pace
Running clubs are open to runners of all abilities. You can get competitive and try and keep up with the faster-paced runners or if you aren’t quite feeling it a slower run at the back could be just what you need to get those miles in. Some clubs also offer coaching sessions or run track/speed work nights which are great for improving.

Not only will you learn a lot of new routes, you’ll also find out loads other useful local information like who to go see for the best sports massage and where’s best to go for a post-run coffee.

Make new friends
The demands of work and family life can make it difficult to meet new people. It is especially hard if you are new to an area. I’ve met some of my best friends through running clubs – it is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people with whom you share a common ground.

Still not sold? 
A shiny new club vest and the feeling of being part of a team – what more could you want?Membership for a running club is usually around £20-£30 a year, which is what you’d usually pay a month for a gym!

Most clubs offer a few free sessions so you see if it is for you before you commit.
Visit to find a running club near you