We’ve all experienced it, we’ve finished a long run, feeling awesome, jumped in the shower and the minute the water hits you OUCH!!! You realised you’ve chafed in places you didn’t think were possible.

It’s uncomfortable, painful, and far from attractive. For many, chafing occurs in unexpected areas like underarms, inner thighs or around the band of a sports bra.

Traditional solutions like Vaseline just melts and slides off when you sweat leaving big oily marks on my clothes, and after years of just ‘putting up with it’ I was looking for a product that would really help me out.

Thankfully, iVYVERDURE reached out and offered me the chance to test their iRELIEF anti-chafing product, perfectly timed during my marathon training.

This product 100% vegan and organic, free from synthetic chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients, making it suitable for all skin types.

It comes in a handy stick (like a roll-on deodorant) so there is no messy application. Just twist it up and apply it to problem areas before your workout. While the yellow colour may surprise you, it has a pleasant scent and absorbs into the skin without leaving any sticky residue.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this product. It has kept me chafe-free during long runs, and its long-lasting, sweat, and it’s water-resistant!

iVYVERDURE’s iRELIEF anti-chafing stick has earned a spot in my essential race kit bag.

Make chafing a thing of the past! For more details about iVYVERDURE’s iRELIEF click here

Note: I received this anti-chafing stick for free in exchange for an honest review. I have not been compensated for this blog post, and all opinions and photographs are my own.