It’s Never Dull in ‘Ull: Hull 10k Race Review

The Hull 10k, in its 11th year, continues to entice runners in the region with its thrilling atmosphere and a flat route that’s fantastic for both beginners and experienced runners. It’s part of the Run for All race series with a half marathon being held on the same day for those fancying challenging themselces with a longer distance.

hull 10k

Race Day and Route:

This year, the Hull 10k took a different route due to ongoing roadworks, starting near the University on Cottingham Road. Despite the changes, the race retained its charm, providing an exciting experience for participants.

The park and run bus service efficiently transported participants to the starting area. Arriving early allowed me to collect my race essentials and enjoy a cup of coffee before the warm-up.

I was pacing solo – with the 60 minute flag! This gave me a chance to connect with fellow runners and hear their inspiring running stories. This was a highlight of the day.

Coming in on time: 59.41. Spot on the required pace. I loved every minute of it

Final Impressions: While the new route primarily passed through residential areas and lacked a showcase of the city, the local support was heartwarming. Let’s hope it’s back to the one we know and love next year.

Entry Cost: (my entry was kindly gifted as I was pacing)
£31.00 unaffiliated  £29.00 affiliated
Water stations: around every 3 miles
Parking: Plenty with a free park and run bus service
Photos: Yes – marathonphotos
Baggage Facilities: Yes – but I didn’t use it
Post-Race Goodies: Top  / medal / blue popcorn
Highlights: Run for all events are on the expensive side but they are well organised.
Low points: Not the best course – it was flat though