I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently, as I’ve been fully immersed in my Manchester Marathon training, and the race day is rapidly approaching!

Last Sunday marked my return to racing since the Loch Ness Marathon, as I participated in the Snake Lane 10, a relatively intimate event featuring approximately 1,100 enthusiastic runners. This race is proudly hosted by our local running club, Pocklington Runners. It’s worth noting that race registration opens up in October and typically sells out within an hour. This is largely due to its perfect timing and distance, making it an integral part of Spring training. I must confess, I feel a tad privileged as these are the very roads where I conduct most of my training, so I know every twist and turn like the back of my hand!

Leading up to the Race

On race day, runners typically gather at Pocklington Rugby Club, just a short 5-minute walk from the starting line. As is my tradition, I made a beeline for a pre-race coffee (okay, two) and indulged in a delightful brownie while observing the more seasoned runners warming up outside.

The Route

True to its name, the course offers a meandering path that winds its way through the picturesque East Yorkshire countryside, nestled at the foot of the majestic Yorkshire Wolds. For those who appreciate art, this landscape are the scenes famously depicted by David Hockney!

The race commences in Pocklington, then leads runners through Meltonby, Bishop Wilton, Bolton (East Yorkshire, not to be confused with the one near Manchester), before culminating in Pocklington Market Place. The enthusiastic turnout at the finish line creates an electric atmosphere that really adds to the overall experience.

Race Day Experiences

This year’s event featured five dedicated pacers with target times of 65, 70, 80, 85, and 90 minutes, all of whom executed their roles with precision. Like most races, the initial mile involved weaving in and out of fellow runners as I sought my own pace. The open roads meant a strict headphone ban was enforced, a rule I used to dislike, but now I find that I actually prefer it. It provides the opportunity to engage in conversations with fellow runners and share encouragement throughout the course.

The Outcome

I crossed the finish line with a time of 1.27.35, which is a few minutes faster than my personal best from last year. Given that I lost some valuable weeks of training for the Manchester Marathon due to illness, I’m ecstatic with this sub-1.30 achievement. Surprisingly, I received a medal at the finish line, which was a delightful surprise, as I hadn’t anticipated one.

This event consistently radiates a friendly atmosphere and the impeccable organisation seems to improve year after year. I’ve recommended it to so many people though I worry it might sell out before I secure my spot next year!

I’d also like to give a special shoutout to reaction photography for expertly capturing the essence of the day, with race photos available for just £5.

For details on future races check out Pocklington runners Facebook


Race Breakdown:
Entry Cost: £18.00 affiliated £20.00 unaffiliated
Water stations: 2 (cups). Water at the finish.
Parking: Plenty – just arrive early
Photos: Yes (and only £5)
Baggage Facilities: None that I was aware of, but parking is nearby.
Post-Race Goodies: Goody-bag / chocolate bar / medal / t-shirt

Highlights: Fab day for running – the sun even come out.
Low points: None – I’ll see you again next year.