York turned pink last weekend as the Yorkshire Marathon and ten-mile road race returned to the city for its 6th year. This event will always be special to me as it’s in my hometown and it was the first marathon I ever did. However, it’s a review of a different kind this week because this year I wasn’t running – I was spectating!
The race starts at the University and heads into York before heading out into through Upper Helmsley, Stamford Bridge, Gate Helmsley, Murton and Osbaldwick and finishing back at the university.
The wet conditions were far from favourable, as brave runners battled the elements to cross the finish line. I was there for around 2 hours cheering and hi-fiving passing strangers and I was absolutely drenched so I can only imagine how those taking part were feeling.
I was stood near the Minster as this is always a great atmosphere when running. As this is the early stages of the race, people were still grouped together quite tight so seemed to pass in a blur. Luckily, I managed to see a few familiar faces that I follow on social media and spot some cracking fancy dress costumes.
Despite the heavy rain it really was a great atmosphere. The bells rang as the runners passed with several stopping to take photos of the magnificent architecture. After the marathon runners had passed there was a brief pause before the ten-mile runners came through and it was time to cheer all over again!

Best places to stand

York Minster (Mile 2-3):
If you want to catch your loved ones in the city centre you need to be there early as this is around 2-3 miles into of the race. A great place to see both the marathon and the ten-mile runners.

Stamford Bridge (Mile 14):
One of the turning points of the marathon – there is usually music here!

Dunnington (Mile 17):
This is the official spectator point. It isn’t central and due to road closures, you will need to walk a fair way to get there. People tend to be more spread out at this point so they are easier to recognise. As it’s an out and back you will get to see your loved ones pass twice.

A huge well down to anyone that took part, and hats off to all the volunteers – they deserved a medal too for standing there on such a miserable day.

I’m all signed up to take part in 2019 anyone joining me?
For more information on the event and to sign up for 2019 click here


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