With just 3 weeks left on my plan – here are 26.2 signs that you are training for a marathon…

  1. Saturday evenings no longer consist of wine, instead, it’s all about the right ratio of carbs and protein.
  2. Your bedtime gets earlier as your mileage increases.
  3. You get up earlier on a Sunday than you do Monday-Friday, to fit that long run into your day.
  4. You will spend most of your lunch breaks at work route planning your long runs.
  5. Dry shampoo is your best friend.
  6. Runger – you will want to eat all of the food.
  7. You WILL eat all of the carbs.
  8. Your phone is full of sweaty selfies and screenshots of your mileage.
  9. You will have a favourite flavour of gel.
  10. That post run shower is when you realise how badly you chaffed.
  11. Sitting in a cold bath is normal.
  12. Am I coming down with a cold or is it just maranoia?
  13. Your feet may be missing the odd toenail and you’re totally fine with it.
  14. You say things like ‘It’s just a 16 mile run tomorrow.’ Yes, just 16 miles…
  15. You know everything about your running partners since you’ve spent hours training together.
  16. If you trained alone – you’ve learnt a lot about yourself.
  17. You will probably have at least one running related dream / nightmare.
  18. Sports bra / capri pant tan lines
  19. You realise you have leg muscles that you never knew existed.
  20. Walking up the stairs after a long run makes you wish you lived in a bungalow.
  21. Your heels have been replaced by comfy shoes.
  22. You will think nothing about spending £10 on a pair of socks.
  23. You start thinking that the road you are driving on would make a good running route.
  24. You have never drunk so much water in your entire life.
  25. You wear so much lycra your friends and family have forgotten what you look like in ‘normal clothes’
  26. You’ve secretly practised your finish line pose.

26.2 You’re tired of telling people that ALL marathons are 26.2 miles. Yes, even London!