After an incident with a zombie clown whilst running it’s safe to say there are some unsavoury characters lurking around at night.

This post isn’t meant to scare anyone. However I do believe it is important to stay safe when running at night, especially as a female. Regardless of how confident you may feel, or how well you know an area it’s always seems more intimidating in the dark.

Here are my top tips for staying safe in the dark.

Stick to well lit / busier areas
A well lit route is your safest choice, you are also more likely to spot potential hazards. Areas where there are plenty of people / other activity are also fantastic.

Run with a partner or a running club
Safety in numbers – if no humans are available a four legged friend works also. If you must run alone always tell someone your route and an approximate time to expect you back.

Wear reflective gear
Heavy on the hi vis – a head torch is a great investment too.
If looking like a neon raver isn’t your thing, there are plenty of clothing options nowadays that include reflective material, so you can be seen and stay safe in style.

Ditch the headphones
You are more aware of your surroundings and can hear anything / anyone approaching.

Vary the time / route you run
You never know who is / who has been watching you – don’t make yourself an easy target by running the same route at the same time on an evening.

Carry ID and your mobile phone
You can buy ID tags with your emergency contact information on them. Hopefully you will never need them but you can’t be too careful.

Don’t ignore your instincts
If something doesn’t feel right forget it –  take an alternative route.