With all these races on offer and the distances being a mix of kilometres and miles it can be a little confusing for beginners. Here is a handy guide to the most common road running distances.

5k / 3.1 miles
The 5k race is the shortest distance and is very popular with beginners. It is an excellent entry point into the world of road racing, as it’s a relatively easy race to complete without requiring an extensive amount of training.

10k / 6.2 miles
For those seeking the next level of challenge beyond the 5k, the 10k race is a fantastic option. It remains a popular choice among beginners because, while it offers increased distance, it still remains achievable, making it an ideal step up from the 5k.

Half Marathon – 21.0975k / 13.1 miles
The half marathon is a significant step up in distance and challenge, yet with a few months of training most runners can complete a half marathon.. Some events run a half marathon option along side a full marathon – allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere of the day and only do half the miles.

Marathon – 42.195k / 26.2 miles
The ultimate test of your endurance. Tackling a marathon is not a decision to be taken lightly; it requires a dedicated four-month training plan and a lot of commitment. Legend has it that 26.2 miles killed the first man (Phidippides) who covered the distance. Yet this remains a popular endurance event on most runners calendars.

Ultra Marathon – anything over 26.2 miles
Usually run off road and a lot slow paced that an road race. Because of the decrease in pace you can fuel on ‘real food’ rather than gels. Winner!

Ultra marathons, often exceeding the marathon distance, are typically run off-road and at a slower pace than traditional road races. The reduced pace allows participants to fuel themselves with “real food” rather than energy gels, making it a unique and enticing prospect for long-distance runners. These events are a test of both physical and mental stamina, attracting those who relish the challenge of pushing beyond the marathon distance.

Every distance offers its own unique rewards and challenges. Whether you’re aiming for a 5k, a marathon, or even an ultra marathon, the journey will be a rewarding one filled with a sense of accomplishment.