I had a bit of a problem this week. I was getting changed into my running gear after work when I realised I had left my leggings at home – 35 miles away. I was going for a run with friends that evening – 25 miles in a different direction. Oops.

I had a flashback to primary school when I forgot my PE kit and was forced to do gymnastics in my vest and pants! That may have been acceptable in the 1980’s but I certainly wouldn’t get away with that now. I debated if I could I run 8 miles in skinny jeans, thought about the chaffing, then I tried cancelling. Unfortunately, my friends wouldn’t let me, instead they told me that we were meeting at Tesco and I could buy a pair there – no excuses.

The clothing section in supermarkets is an area I rarely venture into but I was quite impressed with the selection of gym wear available. They had everything from clothing to accessories and it was reasonably priced too. Emergency leggings purchased, we headed out for our 8-mile run as planned. Tesco saved the day and inspired this weeks blog post.

After browsing the aisles, here it is, my top 5 fitness pieces you can pick up whilst you do your weekly shop:

Tesco – F&F Active Soft Touch Long Sleeve Top £10.00
Available in 4 different colours this long sleeved top is perfect for those chillier nights. Made from quick-drying fabric it has reinforced thumb-holes and a reflective logo patch on the left hip. 
Lightweight and waterproof with reflective detailing, this jacket should keep you dry should you get caught in a rain shower.
Perfect to throw on post run and a bargain at only £6.00!
Sainsbury’s – Gym bag £20.00
Because you’re going to need something to carry everything in – this spacious bag with detachable shoulder strap is perfect!