I’ve been seeing lots of posts on Instagram raving about OOFOS and how fab they are. I’d had my eye on a pair for a while, wondering if they really lived up to the hype. Finally, after months of deliberation, I caved and I bought a pair.

To put them to the test I’ve swapped my current post run footwear (a pair of unicorn slippers – yes, I am 36) to OOFOS the ultimate recovery footwear of choice. Here is how they compare.

So what exactly are OOFOS?
Basically, they’re a big foamy pair of flip-flops. They absorb impact to help your feet recover after a long run in ways that typical footwear can’t. Unlike regular flip-flops, they have tremendous cushioning to absorb impact and arch support that regular flip-flops lack. The OOfoam they are made from offers 37% more shock absorption than any other materials found in footwear. These absorption properties take the pressure off your ankles, knees and hips, as well as your lower back giving them time to recover, rejuvenate and recharge. Which all sounds fabulous.

How do they look?
So, they’re a bit on the chunky side compared to regular flip-flops but they are extremely lightweight. They are available in a wide range of colours – I went for the pink two-toned pair. For those of you that don’t like the ‘bit that goes between your toes’, they are also available in sliders and a shoe.

How do they feel?
They are like putting your feet into marshmallows. OK, that would be a bit weird (and sticky). But they are extremely comfortable, like tiny memory foam mattresses for your feet. Surprisingly supportive for a ‘flip-flop’ as they cradle the feet and so far there’s been zero chaffing from the ‘bit that goes in between your toes’

How durable are they?
Unlike slippers, these can be worn outdoors as well as indoors. The super durable OOfoam holds its cushion for the life of the shoe. You can shower in them and if they get really grubby you can stick them in the washer on a cold wash or delicate cycle!

How do they compare to the unicorn slippers?
Both are comfortable, I won’t lie, but the OOFOS wins points by being more supportive and they are certainly more breathable.
I can also wear them in public – as they don’t light up as the slippers do (don’t judge me).

So, it seems once again, I’m late to the party. OOFOS are going to be another essential to add to my running bag.
Prices start from £40 with free delivery click here for more details

*I purchased this item myself. As always this is my own honest opinion and I have not received any financial reward for talking about this brand.


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