motivatedIt’s cold, it’s dark, the only marathon I fancy is the boxset kind involving the TV, a blanket and a hot chocolate. It’s hard to stay motivated with your fitness over the winter, safe in the knowledge that any weight gain is easy hidden under chunky knitwear.

Here are a few tips that may help get you moving and keep those winter blues at bay….

Join a running club/ run with friends
The dark nights are less scary if you are part of a group – and you are less likely to bail if you agree to meet others.

Mix it up
Go to the gym – it’s warm in there, you don’t get rained on and some of them even have a coffee shop! Unsure of what to do? Most gyms offer a wide range of classes, there is bound to be something to suit you.

Change the time you work out
Don’t like running on dark nights? Try and pop out for a few miles on your lunch hour instead.

Focus on the positive
Regular exercise keeps your immune system in tip-top condition – helping you fight off the winter lurgy that’s doing the rounds in the office.

Think of the shopping opportunities
Obviously, you are going to need winter running gear…. I’m always up for a trip to the Nike shop.

Take advantage of the festivities
All these winter ice rinks popping up – you can burn 450- 600 calories with an hour of skating.

And if all the above fail…

Good old fashioned bribery

I’ve EARNED that mulled wine at the Christmas Market / Starbucks red cup if I’ve worked out three times this week… that’s what I tell myself anyway! (These are fitness tips, not diet tips – let’s just remember that).

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  1. I often struggle during winter to get out and run, last year I didn’t run at all between October – January and lost so much of my fitness. This year I’m definitely not going to make the same mistake. I like your part on the shopping opportunities, I definitely need some new winter running gear so that’s one thing I look forward to.

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