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The Ultimate Running Belt: Flipbelt Review

Running, a seemingly simple sport, often demands carrying a load of essentials like your phone, keys, cash, energy gels, and more. Stuffing everything into your sports bra can be a challenge, even with ample space.  Enter the game-changing Flipbelt—a must-have for every runner. I’m not just promoting it; this is my genuine endorsement of a product …

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Getting back into fitness after a break

Have you ever trained hard for an event and then thought, ‘I’ll take a week off and get back to it’? Soon, ‘I’ll start on Monday’ becomes months, life gets in the way, and your fitness levels have slumped. As time off adds up, it becomes more and more difficult to get started again. You begrudgingly squeeze …

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Endure24: Leeds

I don’t know how to start writing this one – one week on, I swear I’m still sleep deprived. Endure24 – as the name states, it’s a 24-hour event. Made up of solo runners, pairs and teams running 5-mile laps around Braham Park, Leeds. Billed as ‘Glastonbury for runners’ it took place on the same …

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Staying motivated in winter

It’s cold, it’s dark, and the only marathon I fancy is the boxset kind involving the TV, a blanket and a hot chocolate. It’s hard to stay motivated with your fitness over the winter, safe in the knowledge that any weight gain is easily hidden under chunky knitwear. Here are a few tips that may …