I can’t believe it is the end of 2017 already. Where has the time gone? Last year, my New Year’s resolution was to blog weekly. Every Saturday a post has gone up at 10 am so that is one goal I’ve achieved.

Running wise, I’ve collected a lot of medals in 2017 but it hasn’t been a year for breaking records. I managed to achieve a 10 mile PB back in February, at snake lane 10, which I was impressed with as it’s more of challenging courses. (People keep telling me this, I don’t notice as that’s where I train)

If you’re a regular reader or my blog you’ll know I was aiming for a marathon PB at Manchester. Due to getting man flu the week of the race this didn’t happen and resulted in my second slowest time.
I’m back this year to give it another go if anyone sneezes/coughs/sweats over me before this one I won’t be very happy. It’s my birthday that day, so I took it as a sign!

Yorkshire 10 mile. 
This race was a realisation for me how quickly you can lose your fitness. After weeks of running to/from work, I had a bit of a rest. Understandably, I struggled with this one. Fantastic course, just not enough training. Sometimes we get a little bit complacent. ‘I’ve done it before, I know the course’ turns out you still need to train for these things.

There hasn’t been as much trail running for me this year. Mainly because I shrunk my trail trainers in the washing machine and haven’t got round to buying another pair.

Yearly mileage. 
I’ve had a lot of messages asking what my yearly mileage is. Honest answer, I don’t know. Sometimes I run with my watch, others an app, sometimes I go technology free.

Goals for 2018
A new marathon PB would be nice, even if it was just by a minute or two.
I still need to crack a sub 2 half. Current PB is 2.01.00.
I had an email earlier in the week from a race I entered, saying if I register my PB and I beat it on the day, then I get an extra medal. Maybe this is the incentive I need.
Weirdly, my current 10 miles PB is 1.31.00 I seem to be able to run over by exactly a minute.

There are a lot of smaller, local races I’d like to enter this year. I’m usually too late as they sell out quick so I’ve set reminders for them all.

It’s not always about improvement. Sometimes it’s just about keeping going. You only fail if you stop.  Here’s to 2018 ❤️