The York Marathon holds a special place in my heart as the challenge I embraced even before I became a runner. To date, I’ve successfully completed it twice!

This year, I decided to opt for the 10-mile option instead of the full marathon, allowing me to participate in the event while reducing my running load.

In the weeks preceding the event, I battled with a troublesome back issue, and just days before the race, I succumbed to an illness I had been desperately trying to dodge. As a result, my training regimen shifted six weeks prior, focusing on low-impact activities like cycling and swimming. My original goal of completing the race in under 1.30 had to be set aside, and I aimed to take it at a steadier pace.

Before the Race

Before the Race, York had once more transformed into a sea of pink for the weekend – it looked incredible! My parents dropped me off me at the drop-off point and I followed the smell of deep heat / people in running gear to the charity village. It was busy but well organised. The marathon set off at 9.30 and the 10 mile race at 10.15 with a mass warm up shortly before each event.

The Route

Just like the marathon the race starts and finishes at York University. A downhill start before heading into town towards the Minster, through Monk Bar and out onto Stockton Lane. You turn right and leave the marathon route just before the mile 5 marker and rejoin it at around 6 miles. You then head through Osbaldwick and back onto Hull Road towards the university for the finish.

During the Race

Throughout the race route, there was an abundance of enthusiastic spectators, including designated charity cheer points. My family provided support at the 2-mile mark near the Minster, and we encountered a Fitmums cheer point around mile 4. Surprisingly, I felt strong and maintained a pace of 45 minutes for the first 5 miles. However, at mile 9, I began to slow down, anticipating the upcoming hill. I must extend my heartfelt thanks to the runner in the red top beside me for the invaluable encouragement. Although we never exchanged names, we kept each other motivated during that final mile, culminating in a sprint finish.

The Result

I finished in 1.32.54 – an exact match to my personal best – what are the chances?
But best of all I rediscovered my love of running. I really enjoyed it – if you are looking to increase from a 10k but don’t feel ready for a half marathon then please consider this event. The Yorkshire 10 mile race encapsulates all the highlights of the Yorkshire Marathon, offering the best aspects of the marathon experience without the extended mileage. I cannot recommend it enough.

You can find out more here. 

Race Breakdown:
Entry Cost: Just short of £30
Water stations: 3 (sports top bottles) Energy drinks at the last station. Water / energy drinks at the finish.
Parking: Plenty (park and ride with shuttle bus), drop off pick up points within walking distance
Baggage Facilities: Yes, but didn’t use. Looked well organised
Post-Race Goodies: T-shirt, Medal, Goody-bag

Highlights: The best parts of the marathon rolled into a shorter distance.
Low points: Pricey for a 10 mile, but worth it.