Hectic schedules and eating on-the-go means that we don’t always get the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. I’m certainly guilty of this, despite eating a healthy(ish), well-balanced and varied diet (and by varied, I mean the odd pizza), I still feel I’m missing out on some of the key nutrients I need for optimum health.

Vitamin supplements provide support to help you fill in the nutritional gaps which you aren’t getting from your diet alone. I usually take the capsule vitamins from a well-known health retailer, ironically I was just coming to the end of a jar when the lovely guys at VÖOST got in touch to ask if I would like to try out their range. It couldn’t have been better timing!

I get a lot of emails asking me to review supplements/shakes and I’ll be honest, I don’t really want to take anything from an unknown online company – it could be anything in those capsules. As I hadn’t heard of the brand before I was initially dubious until a quick google search assured me that VÖOST was sold in Superdrug, Boots and leading supermarkets.

VÖOST vitamins aren’t capsules – they are the effervescent kind, which means they are absorbed into the blood faster than capsule vitamins. The last time I tried the ‘fizzy’ vitamin drinks was as a student and I’ve avoided them ever since as they bring back memories of hangovers.

VÖOST hails from the sunny shores of Australia and boasts the largest range of effervescent vitamins and minerals in the world – perfect for active lifestyles, you simply take one tablet a day dissolved in water.

So far I’ve tried the following:

  • VÖOST energy (Orange and Mango flavour)
  • Multivitamin (Orange flavour)
  • Magnesium (Lemon flavour)
  • Vitamin C (Blood Orange flavour)
  • Vitamin D (Mixed Berry flavour)
  • Vitamin B Complex (Apricot & Peach flavour)

They’re super hydrating
As you dissolve them in water you naturally consume more H2O!  It’s the first thing I’ve been having when I get into work.

They actually taste good
Strong enough in flavour to be pleasant without overwhelming and zero chalkiness. They taste nice without having that ‘synthetic’ flavour and there is none of that awful residue left in the glass afterwards.

I have felt a definite boost from VÖOST – I was impressed by the product and I really liked the taste. I’ve already repurchased, VÖOST – you’ve got a new fan!

You can find out more about VÖOST here


*I was sent the VÖOST range for free. I was under no obligation to provide a review but I was really impressed with the product. As always, all opinions and photographs are my own.