Tomorrow sees one of the biggest races in the world – the Virgin London Marathon.

My Instagram feed is full of people collecting their numbers at the expo and I’m left with a serious case of FOMO.

I am not taking part after I lost out on the ballot again see here – instead, I will be watching it on TV with a brew and following my friend’s whereabouts on the tracker.

Good Luck guys and most of all enjoy it – I can’t wait to see all the medal pics ❤️

The London Marathon is always good for celebrity spotting with this year’s entrants including  Katie Hopkins, Ian Beale from Eastenders, Nathan from Corrie, Jenni Falconer and Chris Evans. I look forward to seeing their results.

Fun fact: I can run a marathon faster than Katherine Jenkins – if only I could sing half as well as her!

I’m also excited to see how they guys that appeared on Mind over Marathon get on – if you haven’t watched it head over to iPlayer – I’d recommend it. It’s a two-part documentary following ten people suffering from mental health problems train for the London Marathon. The aim is to show the positive effects exercise has on people’s mental well-being.

London Landmarks Half Marathon

I tried this week to get into the London Landmarks Half Marathon – and failed. Despite pre-registering 10,000 places sold out in just 4 minutes.  Looks like I’ll be heading to the Royal Parks with my trainers on and planning a route myself – after all, it’s free.