Running, a seemingly simple sport, often demands carrying a load of essentials like your phone, keys, cash, energy gels, and more. Stuffing everything into your sports bra can be a challenge, even with ample space. 

Enter the game-changing Flipbelt—a must-have for every runner. I’m not just promoting it; this is my genuine endorsement of a product I love. Spot me at races or during my runs, and you’ll always find me wearing one.

My first encounter with the Flipbelt happened at the Liverpool Marathon Expo a few years ago, where the stand was attracting a lot of attention. Curiosity led me to try it on, and after some enthusiastic jumping around, to check the bounce – I was sold. It even came in my favourite colour, pink!

The Flipbelt features a brilliantly simple design with a stretchy band and four accessible pockets—no Velcro or clips. Effortlessly stash your phone, keys, gels, credit cards, or any workout essentials. Retrieving items is a breeze without fumbling around. Despite countless races, nothing has ever fallen out, but for extra peace of mind, flip the belt over to keep the openings inward.

These belts are incredibly spacious. I comfortably fit my phone and several gels, and there’s even a handy keyring for your keys.

Colours and sizes to suit everyone

With fantastic colour options like pink, purple, blue, and neon orange (ideal for visibility during races), and a sleek black addition to my collection, Flipbelts cater to your style. Available in five sizes—extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large—choose your size based on where you prefer to wear it. The sizing guide helps you find your perfect fit.

Sizing depends on where you prefer to wear it:

  • On your hips? Go up a size.
  • On or above your hips? Stay true to size.
  • On your natural waist? Go down a size.

As a reference, I’m a size 10, and I wear a medium.

Made from lycra fabric with flat seams, the Flipbelt ensures comfort under or over your clothing without chafing concerns. While not waterproof, a quick wash alongside your running gear takes care of any sweat. Incredibly lightweight, visually appealing, and a reliable way to secure your essentials without bouncing around—what more could you ask for?

Discover the Flipbelt for yourself here

And here’s an exciting addition: Elevate your evening runs with the optional Flipbelt LED running light, available for purchase. Illuminate your path and enhance your safety during darker workouts.