Running. You spend weeks/months improving when you start to make progress, bam, from nowhere an injury stops you in your tracks.

You’re told the dreaded words ‘You’re going to have to stop running’

All of the improvements you made, your fitness levels and even worse, your confidence slowly disappear.

Injuries suck, but they happen and I to find a positive in every situation. For me, this injury has taught me how much I actually love running. It’s amazing how much you miss it when you’re told to drastically reduce your mileage. Coming back from an injury isn’t easy, it is frustrating and can be a true test of patience,.

Once you’ve had the green light from your physio to run again there are a few things to remember as you return to running:

Start slow:
You may feel like you’re back at square one but the truth is: You will be slower, you will have lost fitness, you will need to build it back up slowly again. Be realistic with your capabilities. Do not jump full-force back into where you left off. The last thing you want is to re-injure yourself or to get a new injury. Patience will pay off in the long run (sorry).

Stick with the rehab:
Keep up the exercises the physio gave you. Ensure your making core and stretching part of your routine – you still need to keep up on your preventative care.

Cross Train:
Incorporate cross-training into your routine. Cycling is great for getting the legs moving and swimming is one of the best non-weight bearing activities for runners. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend running and supplement the rest with cross-training.

Put the PB on hold
I took part in the Humber Bridge Half Marathon as a ‘fitness assessment’ One of my slower times, but I don’t care, I was grateful for every mile and so happy and relieved I can run again.

Don’t give up:
The first three weeks will be the worst, but stay positive and stick to it and you’ll soon see a difference. I promise! Don’t try and work through any pain – if it persists head back to the physio!