…well not all of it because that would be just short of 70 miles and that’s insane.

I’ve always had a hefty commute. I’m used to driving an hour each way to work every day and I’ve done this for the last 17 years.

Until this week. I’m currently in-between cars, which means relying on public transport. Living in rural Yorkshire means buses are few and far between (every 2 hours) meaning the train was the best option. I work 3 miles from the station so would mean taking 2 further buses or a run there and back.

I’ll run, it’s quicker, it’s only around 10k a day…. here is how my week went.

I have to get up and leave the house an hour earlier. Not too bad, with the lighter mornings. Made the train in plenty of time, no stress of driving/traffic – plus you get a free paper! It’s a nice day. My quickest times of the week. Felt energised by the time I got to work. Went out for ‘runch’ smashed out another 4 hilly miles.

Having to run with everything in my bag is a bit tricky. Maybe I should only eat light food so my lunch weighs less. I’m wearing my black trainers for work so I don’t have to carry another pair of shoes. It’s raining – turns out my waterproof jacket isn’t that waterproof. Arrive at work looking like I’m entering a wet t-shirt competition. Why is it all uphill on the way back? I swear it’s got hillier since yesterday. Elevation wise it’s the equivalent of 37 flights of stairs. Train delayed – I could’ve walked that last hill.

Rain again. I don’t mind running in the rain – I prefer it to heat, but when you have to sit at a desk for 8.5 hours with wet hair it’s a different story. I wonder if I can fit a travel hair dryer in my bag? Gave ‘runch’ a miss today, I hadn’t dried out from the morning. On the way home there had been an accident so I ran quicker than the traffic was moving. I felt like Paula Radcliffe determined to race the black X5 that was curb crawling me. I beat it to the station – train delayed again.

My calves hurt, must be the hills. I’m going to have great legs after a few weeks of doing this. It’s raining again, I thought we had good weather in August? I wonder if I’ve lost any weight? (I must have, hills are tough). One of my earphones has broken so I’m only hearing half of the song. I was kindly offered a lift to the station on the way back – I took it. One less hill and managed to get an earlier train, because, guess what – it was delayed! #winning
My trainers stink from running in the rain. Febreze hasn’t worked so I put them in the washer on a delicate wash. They’ve now shrunk – oops

No one makes eye contact or speaks on trains, everyone just sits and stares at their phone. Is this what society has become? It’s very quiet. I’m glad it’s Friday – nice morning, great run in. New iPod playlist. Wearing new trainers today after last night’s mishap. Bright purple ones. – there is no mistaking these bad boys. Slow run back – struggling with the hills today. I’m exhausted. Train delayed again. Does Northern Rail ever run on time?


A weekly total of 42 miles. This is more than when I was marathon training. I’m really enjoying the morning run in, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. The evening, not so much – it’s all uphill and I daren’t sit next to anyone on the (delayed) train as I’m paranoid I smell. Weight update: I haven’t lost anything, this can’t be right. 😂

No update on the new car. So I’ll be buying another weekly train pass. Let’s see if I can beat any of this weeks times. Volkswagen; if you are reading this – you are probably doing me a huge favour fitness wise – but can you please get a shift on with my new motor! Thanks.