Are you a woman looking for the ideal city to work out, surrounded by strong and supportive peers? Look no further –women’s athleisure brand, OCEANSAPART has conducted a comprehensive study to unveil the best cities in Europe for women’s fitness.

This comprehensive study meticulously considers factors such as the abundance of women’s fitness trainers, the prevalence of women-only gyms, the cost of living, and the average gym membership fees. By delving into these key indicators, OCEANSAPART aims to provide a holistic overview of environments that best support women in their fitness journeys.

Key Findings:

London and Amsterdam Lead in Women-Only Gym Demand:

  • OCEANSAPART’s investigation reveals that London and Amsterdam have the highest demand for women-only gym facilities.
  • London tops the list with 2400 searches per month, closely followed by Amsterdam and Berlin.

Budapest: The Ultimate City for Women’s Workouts:

  • Budapest emerges as the best city for women to work out in Europe, boasting the highest female-male population ratio (nearly 57% female).
  • The city also scores high in terms of affordability, with a favorable cost of living averaging around £605 per month.

Berlin: Second Place with Abundant Women-Only Gyms and Affordable Memberships:

  • Berlin secures the second spot, offering a plethora of 90 women-only gyms and access to numerous highly-rated personal trainers.
  • Enjoy the lowest average cost for gym memberships (£23 per month), making it an accessible choice for women seeking enclosed workout spaces.

London: A Fitness Hub with Top Trainers and Surprisingly Affordable Memberships:

  • London ranks third, showcasing a substantial number of women-only gyms (61) and over 17 highly-rated women’s fitness trainers.
  • Despite having the highest cost of living, London surprisingly offers the second-best average gym membership cost (£27 per month).


OCEANSAPART create activewear that is fashionable, comfortableand unapologetically feminine. Their products are designed to empower and inspire people to embrace their uniqueness, all in the spirit of enjoying the moment, experiencing new things and living life to the fullest. 

Their study dives into 20 major European capitals, examining critical metrics such as the number of women’s fitness trainers, women-only gyms, cost of living, and average gym membership costs.