I distinctly remember the words ‘never again’ being the first thing to come out of my mouth as I crossed the finish line at the Yorkshire Marathon many years ago.
But here I am – currently training for marathon number 14. One thing I’ve learned from all these marathons is the importance of a good plan – and trust me when I say, I’ve tried a few!
Recently, I joined forces with Runna coach as an ambassador, and it’s revolutionized my running journey. Runna Coach equips you with the personalised support you need to conquer your running aspirations. Whether it’s a faster 5k or conquering your first marathon. The plan is easy to follow, the app syncs with your Garmin without any issues and the sessions are varied to keep you motivated.
After completing a ‘maintenance’ plan through the app I knew this was the secret weapon I needed to achieve my next marathon goal – to finish comfortably. Brace yourself; this one’s a hilly challenge! While I haven’t dared to check the elevation, I’m treating it as an essential long run for my upcoming ultra, so finishing strong is my number on priority.

Switching plans

Switching from my maintenance plan to a marathon was easy to do within the app. Just like the initial setup, I input my 5k time, selected my preferred workout days, and voila – my tailored marathon plan was ready within minutes.

But that’s not all. I’ve also incorporated a targeted strength training plan to ensure I stand on that start line feeling the best I can. The signup process for strength training is equally user-friendly. You pick your training days, and indicate your fitness level, and the app crafts a plan that revolves around you and your training schedule.

What makes it so good?

I like that I can see the whole plan so I can plan my week around it. Each morning I receive a push notification with a reminder of my session, keeping me on track! With a couple of races in the pipeline leading up to the marathon, Runna Coach helps me seamlessly integrate them into my plan. I have used a coach previously – sadly, it wasn’t for me. I’ve felt more consistent and confident with my running from using this app over the last three months – I can’t recommend it enough.
Start your plan today for just £15.99 per month. Use code RWR2 for 2 weeks free and take a look around. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.