The Yorkshire Marathon has established itself as one of the UK’s premier long-distance running events. With its picturesque course, PB potential, and vibrant atmosphere, this marathon has become a must-experience for runners of all abilities. It holds a personal significance for me. It’s not just any race; it’s where my running journey began. So, it feels only right I return once more for a jog around the course for its tenth anniversary. But what makes the Yorkshire Marathon so special? Read on to find out!

A Decade of Excellence

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Yorkshire Marathon, a milestone that highlights its enduring popularity and success. Over the past ten years, it has attracted thousands of runners who are eager to be a part of this remarkable event.

The Yorkshire Marathon has built a reputation for being a well-organised and friendly event, which has contributed to its soaring popularity. The race consistently draws a diverse group of participants, ranging from elite athletes to first-time marathoners.

The Yorkshire 10 Mile Race

For those seeking a shorter but still exhilarating race, the Yorkshire 10 Mile is a fantastic option. Runners in the 10-mile race enjoy a course that winds through the heart of York, passing by historic landmarks. The Yorkshire Ten Mile is my favourite of the two events as it allows you to experience the fantastic atmosphere of marathon day while running only the best parts of the marathon course.

The Course

The course, advertised as relatively flat, is ideal for achieving your fastest marathon time. However, there are a lot of sections with long inclines! Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or aiming to break the four-hour barrier for the first time, this race offers PB potential.

The long out-and-back stretch of the Yorkshire Marathon at miles 13-20, has become my nemesis over the years. Its unrelenting nature challenges me mentally. Every time I have run this I have battled this stretch, determined not to let it beat me. Each year it does!

A sense of relief washed over me as I neared the finish line. Volunteers waiting for runners at the finish line, with a welcoming smile and a well-deserved medal. I love the Yorkshire Marathon medal this year; I think a fitting design for the tenth anniversary.

Yorkshire marathon medal

The Yorkshire Marathon is more than just a race; it’s an experience  for runners of all abilities, it’s a must-do. My top tip: The Yorkshire Marathon offers a Park and Run option – while it comes at an additional fee, the ease it provides ensures a hassle-free start to a marathon day. If you fancy challenging yourself in the stunning Yorkshire landscape entries are now open for 2024! Click here for more details.