I love the York 10kIt holds a special place in my heart as it was the very first running event I ever took part in. 

That race marked the beginning of my running journey and ignited a passion that has grown stronger over the years.

It’s incredible to think that a whole decade later, I’m still lacing up my running shoes and getting out of the door!

This year, I had the opportunity to return to the York 10k as a pacer for runners aiming to finish in 70 minutesIt’s truly fulfilling to help others achieve their running goals and share the joy of running with themI couldn’t be happier to give back to an event that means so much to me

On race morning, the pacing team gathered, collected their flags, and soaked in the vibrant atmosphere of the race villageThere was plenty to do for spectators, from enjoying a coffee to eagerly awaiting the runners’ returnSurprisingly, the weather was in our favour despite earlier forecasts of rainClear skies and perfect running conditions awaited usJust after 9 AM, we lined up in the starting pens, ready to explore this beautiful city on foot

…and we’re off!

I felt well-prepared to pace this event as I regularly run the routeI’m intimately familiar with its twists, turns, and inclines, allowing me to offer valuable insights and motivation to fellow runnersHowever, even with my course knowledge, I managed to take a tumble just 200 metres from the startIt was a congested area, and I was trying to navigate around slower walkersNot my finest moment with a crowd of spectators watching!

Seeing the sights

The York 10k route takes runners through the heart of this historic city, starting at the racecourse and winding through charming streetsRunners pass by iconic landmarks like York Minster and Clifford’s Tower, then continue along the picturesque River Ouse, offering scenic views and a refreshing breezeA brief detour through Rowntree Park precedes the finish back at the racecourse, where a cheering crowd of spectators awaited to celebrate everyone’s success

It was a fantastic day, not only for the runners but also for me as a volunteerBeing able to contribute to the success of an event that means so much to our community was immensely rewardingDespite my fall, I managed to pace the time and crossed the finish line in 1:09:38

Room for improvement

While there were some minor issues like long toilet queues and persistent parking challenges, the overall experience of the York 10k was incredibly rewardingFor runners aiming for a personal best, the flat and fast course is perfect—just be sure to arrive early, as the one-way system can cause traffic congestion

I may be biased, but events like these bring our community together, celebrating our shared passion for running and our appreciation for the city we call homeA huge thank you to all the marshalls and volunteers—they were amazing, and thanks to the NPV team for having me pace again!