Summer. As much as I love the lighter nights and longer evenings – I don’t cope well running in the heat. I prefer the cooler weather – because if I’m cold I keep moving. I guess we have it easy in the UK – the British summer tends to last around a week if we are lucky. If you are looking to run in the sun here are my top tips for keeping cool.

Time it right: Early morning before work (everyone’s still in bed so can’t see my white legs in shorts) or late at night are the cooler times of day to run. Avoid going out when the sun is at its hottest – usually between mid day and 3 pm. Routes with plenty of shade from trees are really good or pick a route that is near water as they tend to be cooler. I’d also recommend a late half 9 ish run – they’re beautiful as you get to see the sunset.

Clothing: You don’t want to melt so light coloured, loose fitting clothes are the best. Look for non-mesh fabrics as they offer better sun protection. Make sure you slap on the sunscreen on any exposed areas, sports bra tan lines are a nightmare to disguise. The sun can be blinding and it’s a bit tricky to run in sunglasses so visors are great at shielding your face from the rays. I personally love these as they are really lightweight and stay in place during your run.

Band on the run: The last thing you need is sweaty hair sticking to your face. These Halo headbands are fab as they really do keep the moisture away. I’ll admit it’s not the best look for me, as without a fringe I look like an egg, but it stops sweat from dripping in your eyes avoiding that nasty sting. I saw these at endure24 and was really impressed by them. Halo has a great range of products for both men and women with loads of colours and designs to choose from. Head over to their website and check them out!

Keep hydrated: Even if you don’t usually run with water – take it. Make sure you are well hydrated before your run too. You’re going to sweat a lot more when it’s warm so make sure your electrolyte levels are topped up. Either carry a water bottle – or if you have a friend that lives on route stick a bottle in their front garden!

Slow your pace: Don’t worry if you don’t blast out 5 miles as quick as usual. Whether it’s an 8-minute mile or a 12-minute mile the distance is still the same, If you feel you’re getting too hot slow down or have a short walking break if you need to cool down. I’ve seen people passing out mid race due to not taking it steady – it really isn’t worth making yourself ill over. Just adjust your pace accordingly.