Fitness apps are great – It is nice to keep a record of our performance and set ourselves personal goals.  You can add even your friends to them too. If I’m sat at home in my PJ’s and an app notifies me a friend has finished a work out – I feel like I need to work out too! Personally that is all the motivation I need to get my trainers on – I’m a little competitve.

With so many apps around it’s tricky to know what’s what, here is a round up of the best running apps around… and they’re all FREE!

The one I personally use, you can plan routes using the route planner tool  or load any of your previous routes. You can log different activities too – i.e. cycling, gym workouts etc.  You can link it to the music in your phone. The GPS can measure on the generous side. The only downside is it keeps emailing me my last years achievements and reminding me that I’m not as fit as I used to be!!

In addition to the usual GPS tracking features this app gives you a cheer every time you receive a Facebook “like” or comment about your workout, encouraging you to keep running. Nike+ also has teamed up with Spotify so you can easily access music while using the Nike+ app. You can also create a leaderboard amongst your friends – perfect for challenges.

I’ve not personally used strava – but it is the go to app for a lot of my friends. Like the other apps it has GPS tracking (which is the most accurate when tested alongside my garmin) and shows you a feed of your friends’ most recent activities allowing you compete against them in challenges during a 30-day period.

A long time since I have used it but looking at some of it’s features I think it is worth a revisit. This app is great for setting goals and following training plans – it will even prompt you with reminders to work out. Also has spotify integration.

Perfect for beginners and the app I would recommend to anyone wanting to start running. It helps you avoid injury from doing too much, too soon and will have you running your first 5k in only nine weeks. Again distances are tracked with GPS, and a virtual coach gives you verbal cues about your workout.