I’ve always been a Garmin fan; my running journey with Garmin began with the reliable orange Forerunner 10, and I’ve never looked back. There’s something about the user-friendly design that keeps drawing me in. Garmin watches, for me, serve as the perfect companions for marathon training, offering all the necessary stats without overwhelming me with a ton of data I don’t need.

About a year ago, I upgraded from my dependable 245 Music (also an excellent watch) to the Garmin Forerunner 255 Music. So, what do I think of it?

Features ★★★★☆

The Garmin Forerunner 255 Music boasts extensive features tailored to meet the needs of both seasoned athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Here are some of its standout features:

Morning Report: Begin your day with a snapshot of your sleep quality, recovery status, and training outlook, all conveniently delivered when you wake up. Customise this report to display the information you find most valuable, including HRV status, sleep score, and weather updates.

Built-in Sports Apps: Access over 30 built-in activity profiles, including triathlon and open-water swimming profiles. Seamlessly transition between activities and races with a single button press for an uninterrupted workout experience.

Triathlon and Multi-Sport Mode: New to the Forerunner 255 serious is Triathlon and Multi-Sport – effortlessly switch between different sports with a single press. With built-in profiles for triathlons, duathlons, brick workouts, and swim runs. Alternatively, craft your custom multi-sport profiles to suit your unique training needs.

Music Playback: Perhaps one of its most appealing features is the capability to store and play music directly from the watch. This means you can leave your phone behind during your runs while enjoying support for various streaming services and the ability to store up to 500 songs locally.

GPS Accuracy: Garmin’s reputation for exceptional GPS accuracy is upheld by the Forerunner 255. The watch rapidly locks onto satellites, ensuring precise tracking of your routes and accurately measuring distance.

Heart Rate Monitoring: With a wrist-based heart rate monitor providing continuous data, you can fine-tune your workouts and monitor your fitness progress over time.

Advanced Running Metrics: Gain access to a comprehensive suite of running metrics, including valuable data such as VO2 max, training load, and recovery advisor insights. These metrics are indispensable for customizing your training regimen and preventing overtraining.

Race Predictor: Leverage your running history and overall fitness level to receive pace estimates for various race distances, from 5Ks to marathons. Additionally, trend data highlights the impact of your training efforts over time.

Garmin Coach: Enjoy a personalised training plan that adapts to your fitness level and goals, offering structured workouts to support your continual improvement.

Garmin Pay: Conveniently make purchases, like that well-deserved post-run coffee, with the Garmin Pay™ contactless payments feature.

Battery Life ★★★★☆

One of the standout features of the Forerunner 255 is its battery life, offering up to 14 days in smartwatch mode and 30 hours with active GPS. This makes it suitable for endurance athletes, with the ability to handle Ironman distances or 24-hour races. The long battery life ensures you won’t be constantly searching for a charger, even during marathon training. I’ve found that charging it just once a week suits my needs perfectly. While it’s true that some watches offer even longer battery life, the Forerunner 255 Music strikes an excellent balance for my requirements.

GPS Accuracy ★★★★★

Garmin’s GPS technology is top-notch, and the Forerunner 255 Music is no exception; there’s no waiting around for a signal before setting off on a run. During my extensive testing, it demonstrated its prowess by delivering accurate location data. Whether you’re exploring new trails or conquering familiar routes, you can trust the Forerunner 255 Music to keep pace with your every move.

Garmin Connect Data ★★★★☆

The Garmin Connect app is a treasure trove of data for the fitness-focused individual. The Forerunner 255 Music syncs seamlessly with the app, providing detailed insights into your workouts. You can review your route maps, analyze heart rate zones, track sleep, and even monitor stress levels. The platform also allows you to set goals, join challenges, and connect with a community of like-minded athletes.

Design and Sizes

The Garmin 255 is available in two watch diameters, 45.6 mm and 41 mm. Thoughtfully designed to cater to both men and women, ensuring the watch is not too small for men or too large for women with slim wrists.

The Garmin Forerunner 255 Music has become more than just a running watch; it’s an integral part of my daily routine, enhancing not just my running but my overall fitness journey.

While it’s a fantastic device overall, the absence of onboard maps and the relatively small screen may be minor drawbacks for some users. Nevertheless, if you’re serious about your running and fitness goals, the Forerunner 255 Music is an excellent investment that will help you reach new heights in your training. For me, it’s not just a smartwatch; it’s a smart choice.