I feel like I have nothing to write this week. If I’m honest I feel a bit ‘meh’, I think I’m suffering from post-marathon blues. Oh, I’m not being dramatic, they’re real, I swear.

I’ve spent the last few months filling all of my spare time training for Manchester marathon, planning my week around my mileage, crossing training sessions off the plan stuck on my fridge and boring everyone with running chat. Marathon training has, in a large part, dictated my lifestyle over the last few months and now it’s all over I feel lost. Like my routine has been taken away.

Post marathon I went ‘crazy’ – I had two weeks of socialising, every night, just because I could. I mean, real socialising – the kind that doesn’t involve me wearing lycra or being in bed by 10pm! I’m even drinking a pornstar martini as I write this blog post… but I hate to admit I’m kinda bored of it now. I’m finding it really hard to go from an intense training plan back into the routine of everyday life! There is a void that needs filling.

Luckily for me, I have Liverpool Rock and Roll marathon in 3 weeks. It has been booked since last year (always take advantage of the early bird special). I figured I could get two marathons out of one lot of training. However, since Manchester, I’ve done nothing apart from a few short runs, lots of socialising and plenty of eating. Oops!

Talking about early bird prices, Manchester marathon entry is only £45 until the end of April.
I’m all signed up, (hey, I had to beat those post-race blues somehow!) if you fancy joining me you can beat the price increase by entering here