It’s been a few months since the London Marathon 2025 ballot closed, and yesterday, the highly anticipated outcome landed in our email inboxes. I had the annual ‘not this time’ all the while scrolling through Instagram to congratulate the fortunate ones who secured a spot.

What are the odds this time around?

Well, this year, an astounding 840,318 individuals threw their names into the hat, all vying for one of approximately 17,500 ballot spots. So, by my calculations, that equates to a 1 in 48 shot at making it. I reckon if I persistently apply, I might get a ballot place before I hit the big 6-0.

For some, rejection will come as a massive sigh of relief. For those fortunate enough to secure a ballot spot – congratulations, please take part and savour every moment. Those ballot places are hard to come by, so make the most of your opportunity!

Help! I got a ballot place and now I am panicking

Don’t worry – you are not alone! Many entrants, caught up in race day excitement, entered the ballot on a whim and are panicking now that they have secured a place. Running a marathon is a transformative experience that tests physical endurance and mental resilience, pushing you beyond your limits and a sense of accomplishment nothing else can compare to. It’s the opportunity to conquer one of the world’s most prestigious races, will be an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and achievement.

Here are my top tips to help you get started on your London Marathon journey!

  • Ease into it: Building endurance takes time. Start with a comfortable pace and distance, gradually increasing as your fitness improves.
  • Gear up: While you don’t need top-of-the-line gear, invest in quality running shoes that match your feet and running style to prevent injuries.
  • Plan ahead: I cannot stress the importance of a good plan – there are some excellent marathon plans out there for complete beginners. Runna offer personalised marathon training plans and a supportive community to get you race ready. Trust me, the community is a godsend when marathon training! You can try it free for 2 weeks with code RWR2 to receive expert guidance and support on your journey.

Missed out on the ballot? Don’t worry, there are still options available!

If you didn’t secure a place, remember that the London Marathon website lists charities offering spots for the event. These charities typically request a minimum fundraising commitment, and some even provide another chance to win a spot through a ballot.

If the fundraising commitment doesn’t fit your plans, keep in mind there are other spring marathons to explore. Manchester and Brighton host events in April, while Edinburgh holds its marathon in May.

No matter where you run, a marathon is always 26.2 miles, and your determination will shine through. Keep up the great work!