Autumn has arrived. My race diary is empty until next year and my marathon training plan doesn’t start just yet. What now? Time to ‘fall’ in love with running again… Here are my plans for the Autumn season.

  • Build up the mileage up again. 
    For me, autumn is more of a bearable temperature for running – if I’m cold, I keep moving. Time to dig out the long sleeved tops and increase those miles. I have a 9-mile run planned every weekend with friends, and if you agree to run with friends you can’t back out.
  • Go off-road
    Mainly so I can run through all of the leaves. There is nothing more satisfying than that crunch, right? Well, until the end of Autumn and then they go all slimy and slippery.
  • Adapt my training
    I’m short on time on an evening as it’s taking me hours to get home due to every road being dug up. As a solution, I’ve embraced lunchtime runs to maximise daylight hours.
  • Hot yoga classes 
    In the sweltering summer, hot yoga sessions pushed my limits, but as cooler weather descends, these classes become a welcome respite for my weary legs.
  • Recharge 
    I will do this by drinking plenty of pumpkin spiced lattes, yhey’re not around for long – I need to make the most of them. A girl needs to refuel, right?

If you are out this Autumn please stay safe. Head torches, hi-vis and reflective gear will help you to see and more importantly be seen. You can read my top tips for staying safe in the dark here.