It’s been noted previously on this blog, that I like to eat. If I’m honest, my love of food is mainly the reason I run.This week I’ve been taste testing a new brand – Nutreelife protein bars. Rather than use soy or whey, these bars contain pea protein – which I’ve never had before so I was excited to try.

Vegan nutrition just got serious.
Made only using natural ingredients they are gluten, wheat, soya and dairy free and contain a whopping 21g of protein per serving. This is all lovingly prepared into a handy bar, easy for me to chuck in my gym bag or take out as fuel for a long run. They have a soft texture, not chalky like a lot of bars. The chocolate mint and chocolate orange were definitely my favourites.

Raising the bar
The bars are available in 8 different flavours so there’s bound to be one to tantalise your taste buds. What’s more, if you join their mailing list there is free delivery on all orders of twelve bars or more. Delivery was really quick too.Nutreelife also sells bags of pea protein too – perfect for a plant-based diet. The Pea and Pumpkin one sounds right up my street.

With tasty treats like these maybe 2018 is the year I get hench…

You can find more about Nutreelife here