I’m a boring runner. I usually just pick up a neutral trainer, lace up and go. In my 5 years of running I’ve never encountered any major problems (touch wood).

Last month I was asked if I would like to try out a pair of SOLE footbeds. I’ve never used insoles before and I’ve heard mixed reviews about them. Intrigued, I agreed to test them out. I’ve been wearing them for the past three weeks – here is how I got on.

What are SOLE?
SOLE are award winning insoles (also known as footbeds). There are various types of footbed, dependant on your needs. I tried the Active Medium ones – these provide 1.6mm Softec cushioning and are ideal for running shoes.

Key benefits:

  • Moldable support
  • Equialised pressure distributiuon
  • Reduced plantar fascia strain
  • Improved natural heel cushioning
  • Enhanced alignment
  • Improved balance and underfoot feel

How to fit them:
This was a lot easier than I thought. Firstly you need to remove the inner soles in your current shoes. Then you have two options – mold them by wearing them (this can take a few days) or mold them with heat (this is a little quicker).

I went for the heat option and warmed mine in my oven for a few minutes until the Opti-therm indicator (little dot on the underside of the SOLE) turned black. I then popped them in my trainers and stood in them for a two minutes to mold them to my feet. Job done.

If the footbeds are a little on the large side you can trim them around the toe area (use the old inner soles you removed as a template).

Now to run in them.
At first they felt a little bulky and I was unsure, similar to how a new pair of trainers feel before you’ve worn them in. There is a three day ‘breaking in’ period so I started with short runs to test them out just incase I didn’t get on with them.

I perservered and they soon wore in, to really put them through their paces for this review I’ve been wearing them a few weeks for runs of varying lengths. I’ve had no problems with them – they’ve breathed a new lease of life into my old trainers providing that extra bit of support and cushioning where required.

My niggley left hamstring feels better, this could be down to the extra heel support. I don’t personally suffer from plantas fascia strain so I cannot comment on how effective they are for that – however SOLE offer a 90 day comfort guarantee so there really is no reason not to give them a try.

For more information visit the SOLE website here

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