Running, they say it’s a simple sport. A simple sport that often requires you to carry a lot of ‘stuff’ with you. Phone, keys, money, iPod, energy gels… there’s only so much a girl can stuff down her sports bra. Even I’d struggle to get all that in mine and mine is quite sizeable!!

You’re going to need to invest in a running belt.  I personally use a Flipbelt, I rate them so high I have 5 of them. This is not an advert or a sponsored post,  just me sharing my genuine love for this product. If you ever see me at a race or out running – I WILL be wearing one.

I first heard about these at the Liverpool Marathon Expo a few years ago. The stand was getting a lot of attention so I went over to see what all the fuss was about. I tried one on, jumped up and down, nothing bounced around, it came in pink – I was sold. I apply the exact same method when buying sports bras!

The design is really simple, there’s no velcro or clips it’s simply just a stretchy band with an internal pocket that’s accessible from four openings. The four pockets let you easily tuck in your phone, keys, gels, credit cards or whatever you may need for your workout.

Because there are no zips you can just pull stuff out without any faffing around. Don’t panic, I’ve done countless races and not lost anything out of it, however, if you want a bit of added security you can just flip the belt over so the openings are facing inwards.

They’re pretty roomy, it fits my phone in with enough room for a handful of gels and there’s a handy keyring for your keys too.

They come in several colours, I’ve got pink, purple, blue and neon orange (that’s a great colour for being spotted at races) and I’ve just bought the black one today – in the hope it makes me look a bit slimmer. They are available in 5 sizes extra small, small, medium, large and extra large.

Depending on where you want to wear your FlipBelt, the size will vary.

  • Low on your hips, go up a size.
  • On or above your hips, go true to size.
  • On your natural waist, go down a size.

If it’s of any use I’m a size 10 and I wear a medium.

It’s made from lycra fabric and has flat seams so you can wear it under or over your clothing and you’ve no need to worry about chafing.

As it is fabric, the belt isn’t waterproof, but don’t worry, if it gets a bit sweaty you can chuck it in the washer with the rest of your running gear.

It’s super light, looks good and keeps hold of your ‘stuff’ without it bouncing around. What more could you ask for? You can check them out here

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  1. Great write up Rachel. I’ve had several different running belts but all hug my waist and make me look like I have a huge stomach. I have never tried the flipbelt though. I use my armpocket as that is big and stores everything in it too. I would love to find a waist belt that I felt comfortable in though. I may give this one a try. Thank you 😊

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