Ok, so maybe not lipstick but I do like to look semi-presentable when out running  – after all, events have photos!! Here are the top products I’m loving at the minute:

SPF  Perhaps the most important products as no one wants to finish a run with a face any redder than usual. This SPF 50 is from The Body Shop – and it’s pretty sweat proof.

Deodorant Bit of an obvious one, my deodorant of choice gives 48hr protection – which by my standards equals one sweaty run.

Dry Shampoo A running girls best friend! No one has time to wash and blow dry their barnet every day – a spritz of this Colab dry shampoo leaves your hair feeling and smelling fresh.

Make up No one wants to go for a run caked in make up, but i’m not brave enough to go out bare faced, and with the never flattering race day photos I need all the help I can get. I like a super quick look with minimal products and effort. Once again The Body Shop comes up trumps with their All-in-one BB cream. A light sweep of this adds a bit of colour without being too heavy – allowing your skin to breathe.

For eyes I’ve tested a lot of mascaras – the best one by far is the Soap & Glory thick and fast lash. It may not give the super volume look I usually go for, but it definitely does not budge, so no panda eyes around mile 10. A quick coats of this and a dab of Maybellines on and on bronze over your lids and you’re good to go. Comb a little bit of Benefits Gimme Brow to add colour and definition to your brows.

Hair in a ponytail and bit of lip balm and I’m out of the door – I’m loving the Dr Paw Paw balm at the minute as this doubles up and I pop it on any areas I may chafe.