I used to have quite pretty feet, by pretty I mean I had ten intact toenails that I could paint whatever colour I wished and I wasn’t restricted to only wearing closed toe shoes in summer.

Sadly all that has changed since I started distance running. I can go through 16 weeks of training without a problem, but once I hit that 26 mile mark my feet turn into something that resembles bubble wrap.
It’s not even my feet that suffer – it’s my toes, even worse it’s under my toenails.
I’ve tried everything:
  • Going up a size in trainers
  • Different trainers
  • I’ve bought stupidly expensive anti-blister socks (yes, Nike, if you are reading this – they actually made my feet blister even more)
  • Seamless Socks / twin skins
  • Running with vaselined feet – this was just a little bit to slippery and uncomfortable for me.
I’ve got familiar with that post race ritual of peeling back my socks and assessing what I have left. My toenails are either a nice shade of dark purple or they’ve detached themselves and are floating around in my socks.
Fortunately I’ve managed to find two perfect shades of polish to paint what I have left – they hide a multitude of sins:
  • Essie maximillian strasse her
  • Rimmel Gel polish Kate Moss shade blue babe
I also swear by CND solar oil for sorting out the dry skin around the nails left behind from blisters.
Thank your lucky stars I didn’t add a picture of my feet to this post.
If you have any other top tips you swear by for pampering poorly feet then please leave them in the comments below.