The coffee chains have rolled out their Christmas cups. The shops are full of festive knitwear. I’ve had to de-ice my car windscreen twice this week. It’s officially winter.

I may not be a fan of the dark nights, but I really love running in cold weather. It means I keep moving – it’s too cold to stop.

The biggest decision is what to wear – too little and you freeze – too much and you are overheating 2 miles. When you run your body temperature is around 10 degrees higher than the temperature outside. So if it’s 10 degrees outside, it feels like 20 degrees on a run, 5 degrees outside, 15 degrees on a run and so on.

Living in the UK, the weather is pretty unpredictable. This is where layering comes in really handy.

Here are my top picks for a winter running kit:

Base layers are a great investment for the colder months. You can wear them under a hi-vis jacket or Gillet or even under another running top. I love the Nike pro ones as they are super soft. For a budget option, check out the middle aisle at Aldi. I picked one up for around £9, it doesn’t fit as snugly as the Nike one but it washes really well and has thumb holes which the Nike one doesn’t.

Longer running tights are a must. Running tights come in varying thicknesses, look for the winter-weight ones or ones with a brushed lining to keep you toasty warm.

A pair of gloves and a hat a are essential to keep the chill away. If like me, you overheat quickly try a buff instead, these can be worn many ways.

A running jacket. These are fab for rainy days, keeping you nice and dry. Look for a lightweight one as you tend to get warm quite quickly. Ideally one with pockets so you can shove your gloves in mid-run.

Hi-vis as mentioned before, you need to be seen at this time of year. Look for clothing with reflective elements so you stand out!

What are your top winter running tips? Leave them in the comments below. R x