gymThis month I’ve joined a gym. Again. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the gym, but I don’t like the hefty direct debit. I’m also a bit of a free spirit/commitment-phobe and trying to get out of a gym contract is like filing for a divorce.

I was a member of Pure Gym for years and loved it – cheap, cheerful, open 24hrs, loads of classes and you can cancel at any time. Unfortunately, there isn’t one near home or work so I’ve been a bit stuck.

I pass one on the way to work, I’ve been put off joining it because it’s not in the best area, until I found out they offer PAYG classes so thought I would try it out for a few weeks. I’ve been going on a morning before work, so far so good, the people that have been in my classes have all been lovely and I haven’t spotted anyone with an ankle tag… yet 😉

I’ve been doing the Les Mills virtual classes. It’s a bit like doing a fitness DVD at home, but in a gym with other people. I’ve tried the RPM (spinning) and the body pump and I’d recommend them both.

I don’t understand why it is full of over 65’s at 6.30am, but it is and to be honest – that’s the way I like it!

DISCLAIMER: I must stress the picture is for illustration purposes only, I don’t look that glamourous on a spin bike.