I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was a child. Once I had passed my driving test I could get anywhere I wanted in a car.

Earlier this year I visited Center Parcs with friends. I had never been before so was excitedly booking activities. As the only runner in the group, I didn’t fancy running through the forest alone, so I took advantage of the cycle hire. It was the best £28 I’d spent all weekend. Cycling through the forest without a care in the world I made the decision that when I got home I was going to buy a bike.

Now, I know nothing about bikes. So I bought a pretty, mint green one with a basket and cream tyres, mainly because it would look good in instagram photos.

Whilst it may not be the speediest, it has 7 gears and perfect for my requirements and it is beautiful.

I’ve had 15 miles out of it.

I’ve been using it for cross training – on the days when I can’t be bothered to run.
It’s fantastic, I can pop out and do a bit of exercise without having to get in the car and drive half an hour to the nearest pool / gym. I’m loving it. Perhaps not such a stupid purchase after all.

I bought my bike from halfords, it was super easy with their click and collect service and they even assembled it for me. What’s more, they offer a free 6 week check to inspect and sort out any niggles you may have with your purchase. In my case, they fixed my squeaky brakes.