From non runner to marathon runner in just six months. 
If I can do it, anyone can! 

I’m Rachel a 30-something designer, lover of a good coffee and partial to a slice of cake. Probably the least sporty person you will ever meet, I signed up for a marathon in 2013. I didn’t even own a pair of trainers but wanted a challenge and to achieve something I didn’t think I could. I had no clue how far a marathon even was yet 6 months later I crossed that finish line in a very respectable 4hrs 46 minutes.

The journey was incredible and I met some amazing and inspiring people so decided to continue. It felt nice to be part of a ‘club’ and I really loved the team spirit and support. I now enjoy running for both the physical and mental benefits (and it balances out the aforementioned cake) and document my journey on here.

I have since completed 10 marathons, an ultra marathon, a handful of endurance events and too many halves and 10k’s to mention. Eager to spread the running love, I am an England Athletic run leader and I volunteer at a local running club. I’m more than happy to forego a PB in order to help someone achieve their goals – it’s a great accomplishment seeing someone complete a distance they never thought they could.

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23rd February 2020
Snake Lane 10

28th March 2020
Hell on the Humber – 6 hour endurance race

4th-5th July 2020
Race to the Stones

4th October 2020
London Marathon

Parkrun: 24.52
10K: 51.33
10 Mile: 1.22.16
Half Marathon: 1.56.14
Marathon: 4.12.553